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    The largest and oldest animal welfare organization and veterinary charity in Idaho, working “to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals; protect them from neglect and cruelty; and promote humane education, awareness, and compassion.”  Based in Boise, ID.

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    “Fostering exploration of art, design, and the natural environment, and promoting these interests through the collection, presentation, interpretation, and conservation of its artistic, historic, and environmental assets.”  Based in Indianapolis, IN.


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    Providing life-sustaining formula and food as well as diapers and clothing for babies and toddlers in time of crisis; also offering education, emotional support, and guidance to client families and helping connect them with other helping agencies as well as programs leading to self-sufficiency.  Based in Oklahoma City, OK.

    Infant Crisis Services Reindeer.150

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    Assisting individuals and families affected by homelessness and poverty by providing meals, supportive services, housing, employment preparation, and vocational training in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, serving as a catalyst for self-reliance.  Based in Chicago, IL. Inspiration Corporation 2013.1

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    “A comprehensive social services agency working to prevent and end homelessness in Hawaii”; its mission is to provide “respite for those who are unsheltered, and solutions that transform the lives of homeless and at-risk people.”  Based in Honolulu, HI.

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